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Welcome to our site.

Our mission:  To assist our clients grow their volume and profit by making better decisions.

With unique credentials and in-depth line marketing experience, we offer a range of services to best meet the specific needs of each client.

Please follow the tabs that address your needs and contact us to explore how we can help.

With extensive P&L responsibility and hands-on market research experience, we are acutely aware of the need for all research funds to generate actionable information.

We believe that market research project costs should be proportionate to the risks to be taken based on the learnings from that project.  Any spending beyond managing risk is wasted; spending less than appropriate is leaving the decision inadequately supported.

Under the “Services” tab (above), we list the broad range of research methodologies available.  Each is targeted at learning information leading to better decision-making.

All projects are personally managed by Daniel Jay Morrison. 

All reports include a DJM Point-of-View which highlights the Marketing implications of the research based on the project goals and learnings.